Access Control

Biometric Controllers

We offer Biometric Access Control system for organization to make them achieve maximum security in their premises. The AC system is easy to use and convenient while offering unparalleled management of all doors and gates of the organization. All this is managed and controlled by Harbor City’s Integrated Management system together with other products we offer.

Access control refers to the management of an access point, such as a door, turnstile, elevator, etc. so as to only allow entry to authorized users. While access control systems can be used for virtually any access point that uses an electronic lock mechanism, doors are the most common applications for access control.

Key Features

  • High security biometric access, finger is the unique key 
  • RS-485 & TCP/IP communication interface
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent the halting
  • User capacity: 16,000; 
  • Event logs: 32,000
  • Fingerprint-user capacity: 1,000- 2,000 (1-2 fingers for each user)
  • High fingerprint recognition rate, FAR: <0.001%; FRR: <1%
  • Fingerprint sensor can option the Optical Sensor (DO) or the Caitive Sensor (MT) 
  • Authentication Speed: 0.8 seconds (typical) (with 100 persons registered)
  • Access mode: Card only, Card or PWD, Card & PWD
  • Access mode: Fingerprint only, Card only, Card & fingerprint
  • 63 auto-open zone settings
  • WG port provides anti-s-back function
  • One more exit switch, door 
  • Contact and door output to wiegand

Electric Bolt Locks

We supply and install electric bolt locks for our clients at the specific designated area for physical safety barrier. We have electric bolt lock, magnetic lock, and electric strike door lock.

Electric locks functions directly with power cut off to facilitate evacuation of employees in case there is power outage due to fire or any other security issue in a building.

Usually used for glass doors, wooden doors, and electric drop bolt lock installation is installed frameless glass doors in an access control system.

Key Features

ELV1 (frameless glass door)

  • Support to auto-relocking timer setting: 0, 3, 6, 9 seconds for door locking time delay self-regulating by 2-pin dip-switch
  • Built-in exit switch input to unlock


  • Slim design for easy mounting at any location


  • A perfect design for cabinets having either swing or sliding door, can be surface mounted either vertically or horizontally and offers maximum flexibility for ease of installation

Controlled by an existing access control system with multiple cabinet applications such as mail-box and club lockers.

Long Range

Long Range reader is a vehicle identification reader with built-in antenna and a wide variety of interfaces to ensure seamless and flexible integration. This reader enables automatic identification of AVI tags from distances up to 10 meters [33 ft] with traveling speed up to 200 km/h [125 mph]

Key Features

  • Compact industrial design
  • Read range up to 10 m (33 ft) 
  • Object speed up to 200 km/h (125 mph)
  • Well-defined adjustable read range
  • Multi-channel frequency offset
  • Variety of integrated interfaces
  • Included wall mounting

Multi-Door Networking Controller

We are specialized in multi door network controllers which are used in handling 4 or 8 reader doors per board and 256 doors per cluster. The Network Controller is serverless, remote web enabled and also can be managed through local or remote mobile management with patented electrified lock power distribution, selection and protection.


Key Features

  • Supports alarm output when device is disconnected
  • 4 digital inputs support Open All Doors function in case of emergency
  • Data and timer can be kept for 60 days after power down
  • Built-in power and data transmission LED indicators for debugging and status
  • 63 time zones can be set up holidays and levels, and combine with other time zones
  • Each user can be set to allow to enter/exit assigned doors with 16 sets anti-sback function

Pin Code Device

We supply keypad pin code devices installed on doors or gates for access of the premises using easy to use pin numbers. Keypad systems are generally used for access applications with low security and a limited number of users with authorized access.

Key Features

  • RS-485 communication interface 
  • Supporting WG port for antis- back function
  • TTL serial output for various application and lift control
  • Selectable working frequencies: 125 KHz / 13.56MHz
  • 3 control modes: M4/M6/M8
  • User capacity: 3,000; Event log: 1,500 
  • 3 access modes: Card only/Card or PIN/Card and PIN
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent system from hanging 
  • Built-in real time clock and anti-tamper function
  • Including the input of door contact, offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and being forced to open
  • Built-in multi-output: door lock, alarm, arming, duress, card presenting, security trigger signal
  • 11 sets of time zone for various accessing in network

Proximity Controller

Our proximity controllers is the most common access security system installed today. Featuring 125 kHz proximity technology, proximity access control systems work with 125 kHz technology readers and credentials — printable PVC cards, clamshell cards, key fobs and tokens Organizations and institutions are now utilizing 125 kHz proximity technology for employee photo ID badges to track and authorize access to restricted areas, but proximity is used in various controlled access and other security, identification, admission, and toll applications.

With changes in compliance, functionality and security, many companies are transitioning standard proximity access systems to next generation smart card access control systems. To ease the transition from proximity to smart cards, multi-technology systems are installed.

Harbor City has unparalleled experience with proximity access and security. Whether you need to control access to a single door or a complex multi-site facility, we provides complete end-to-end solutions and service.

Key Features

  • Selectable working frequencies: 125kHz / 13.56MHz
  • User capacity: 1,024; Event log: 1,200 
  • Built-in watchdog to prevent system from hanging
  • Including the input of door contact, offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and being forced open 
  • Built-in Multi-Output: Door lock / alarm / security trigger signal
  • 1 bi-colour LED and 1 beeper for identification
  • Have the ‘MASTER CARD’ functions, convenient operation
  • Small and short

Standalone LCD Controller

Key Features

  • RS-485 communication interface
  • Supporting WG port for antis- back function
  • TTL serial output for various application and lift control
  • Selectable working frequencies: 125KHz/13.56MHz
  • 3 control modes: M4, M6, M8
  • User capacity: 1,024; Event log: 1,200
  • 3 access modes: Card only, Card or PIN, Card and PIN
  • Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from hanging
  • Built-in Real Time Clock and Anti-Tamper functions
  • Including the input of door contact, offering the alarm system of both door opening too long and being forced to open

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