Flap Barriers - Waist Height

If security is your priority or you need to monitor and manage movement of visitors and personnel - Harbor City has a flap barrier - waist height

Key Features

  • Available as single or multi-lane setup
  • Compatible with most magnetic, biometric and proximity reader control systems
  • Elegant appearance and style with brushed stainless steel cabinet
  • Contains several sensors to detect obstructions
  • Arms open automatically in case of power failure

Rotary Turnstiles - Full Height

Harbor City Full Height Turnstile is a bi-directional turnstile with galvanised frame and rotor, stainless steel is an option. With a soft start and stop feature, even a small child can operate it.

An optional wide access gate, designed as a seamless extension to the turnstile frame,is available where access for larger items such as wheelchairs, bulky deliveries and equipment is required.

Key Features

  • Secure and efficient pedestrian management
  • Can be used either indoor or outdoor
  • Free-way rotation can be set in power failure
  • Can be operated with any secure access control system
  • Can be locked securely to keep people from passing

Rotary Turnstiles - Waist Height

Rotary Turnstiles work by thrust and have a mechanical locking system. The turnstile works one way only so there is no stopping the system so it’s ideal for entrances and exits. It can be manufactured in stainless steel or painted.

Key Features

  • 4 anodised hard mat aluminium arms or 304-grade stainless steel
  • One direction control system
  • Mechanical locking system
  • Can be dismantled or mounted one by one separately

Swing Barriers - Waist Height

Mainly used for channel entrance and exit management. The general application site only allows personnel to pass, including personnel towing the baggage, and the disabled person. Considering that the swing gate can achieve wider channel characteristics

Key Features

  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Comprising brushed stainless steel material and acrylic arms
  • Arms open automatically in case of power failure
  • Possible manual override by the operator

Tripod Turnstiles - Waist Height

Tripod turnstile models are space efficient security turnstile gate, it is specially used for the opening and closing of personnel exits and entrances, such as canteens, hotels, office buildings, museums, stadiums, clubs, subways, stations, terminals, tourist attractions and other places. The movement of the three-stick turning machine has an automatic adjustment hydraulic shock absorber. When the tripod turnstile is used, the sound is small, no impact, and the brake lever automatically decelerates back.

Key Features

  • Suitable for large traffic areas/venues
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor
  • Easy installation on finished floor surfaces
  • Regulate the flow of people with ease with one-way/two-way settable direction



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