Reefer Automation

At Harbor City, we provide automation services, monitoring and control system for reefer containers. We provide simple yet scalable monitoring and management system tailor-made for your container terminal.

The system monitors alarm and temperature condition, Plug -in & Plug out time, Sends commands such as change of set- point temperature among other services


Cable Trenching

Harbor City trench protection system solution protects power cables against the traffic through high graded steel frame channels with multi-layered rubber belt. The cable protection system also prevents the power cable from spillage, waste accumulation and trip hazards. Our expert engineering team could offer various designs specific to project requirements.

Cable Reeling

We offer well designed cable reels that meets the demand for continuous operation in Ports and CFS’s by offering reliable terminals and power supply to construction cranes as well as overhead cranes, excavators, and hoisting devices. They are designed to meet requirements for high speeds, dynamic processes, large cable cross sections and high tractive forces. The configuration of cable reels and gears is tailored to the required travel speeds and distances. Cable reeling systems are used to lay down and retrieve cable in applications where a predetermined length of travel and a fixed amount of cable is connected to a fixed point while a moving point travels over a fixed line, rail, ground or height at a set speed.


Cable Termination & Marking Solution

At Harbor City, we have all types of cable crimping, cable termination accessories such as cable glands, cable lugs etc, cable marking in the panels and electrical connections. As the name indicates it marks the cable so that it can be identifies easily at a later stage. Cable Markers can be of Pre-termination or Post termination type. As the name indicates pre-termination markers should be used before the termination of the cable. For telecom or data cable, usually post termination markers will be used.

Mechanical & Electrical Identification

Identification system offers a full range of identification products designed to convey messages and enhance the user safety in nearly any environment. Whether you’re looking for indoor, outdoor, industrial grade or harsh chemical environment markers, we have the stock and custom products to meet your specific needs. All commercial construction projects require identification labeling to some degree. It can be Cable Identification, Cable Tray and Trunking Identification, Pipe markings, lock-out Tag-out or equipment labeling etc. We can offer superior identification products which can be labelling machines and consumables for flexible applications and pre-print labelling solutions for standard applications


Paving & Cabro Construction

We Specialize in construction of cabro and paving. Over the years the firm has undertaken several challenging projects and accumulated skills, know-how and experiences in design and build solutions, project management services, building trades and related engineering works.

Slope Protection & Riprap

At Harbor, we specialize in provision of slope protection and riprap services for esteemed clients. Natural slopes are all subject to continuous erosion forces. We offer different range of erosion protection solutions tailored to specific challenge for different slopes and erosion severity. Environment protection is our responsibility hence we work to make sure re-establishment of vegetation on the slope is possible.

Our solution is aimed at increasing soil resistance to erosion caused by natural effects such as rainfall and wind and protecting the seeded topsoil from washing out before vegetation is established. Our erosion protection systems is tailored to provide surface stabilization alone for both geo-technically stable and unstable slopes. For unstable slopes, additional soil nailing can be used. We offer long term solution for our clients facing these kind of problems


Port Equipment

Harbor city has wide experience in providing civil building el marine based services and have undertaken extensive services and projects in the following areas:

  • Marine Engineering
  • General Construction – building and civil
  • Yard Facilities
  • Anchors & Chain   Removals
  • Port Equipment supplies
  • Diving Survey (Underwater services i.e. Cleaning, et
  • Hydraulic Man Lift Trucks (Fire fighting option)
  • Demolition/ cutting/ blasting
  • Salvage services (I.E anchors, chains removal, etc)
  • Marine equipment supplies (tug boats, ferries, patrol boats,etc)

Equipment Supplies

Harbor city is channeling its energies into more diverse areas to cater to current construction St shipping demands. As a result, the company has incorporated key offshore support services to its list of activities.

Major activity in this field is provding the offshore industry with vital support services to work effectively. To facilitate marine operations, Habor city supplies barges, tug boats, patrol boats & supply vessels in conjuction with its international partners. In addition, it also offers harbor and towing tugs, passenger, supply and diving support services.

Another activity is submarine cleaning services which involves removal & replacement of new anodes and underwater growth (i.e sea-barnacles & weeds, etc) Agency and husbanding services are also included in the company’s portfolio. With trained and proficiennt staff complement in the region’s port regulations, clients can trust them to see to their off and on-shore support.

Marine Supplies & Services

Harbor city is a very reputable growing company with very competitive prices in compliance with international standards.

Clients Include:
.  Kenya ports Authority
.  Sagoo Electricals limited
.  Autoportd Freights Terminal
.  Port Side Freight Terminal
.  Interpel CFS Terminal
.  Focus CFS Terminal
.  Mombasa County Goverment
.  M-Craft builder Ltd

Ater Sales
After sales support is vital to ensure maximum utilisation of both the equipment and the opeartor so that your investment translates into increased productivity, efficiency and profitability and is the reason why presently marine has developed a national/ international network to provide that essential-long term support and expertise throughout the country on a local basis.


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Bullet Camera


Auto Number Plate Recognition . The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the latest development of surveillance system to read vehicles registration

Fixed Box Camera

Fixed Box Camera

Fixed box cameras come in both IP based and analogue and are more suited for full lit daylight environments.

Generator for emergency electric power. With internal combustion engine.


We ensure your generator set is installed and commissioned safely and successfully, on time and with minimal disruption to your business operations.