These State of Art Power systems are used to provide 400Hz ground power to Parked Aircraft in Commercial Airports at Gate and Remote Parking bays, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Hangars, and Airforce applications. Units are available in options as Mobile Diesel Ground Power Unit (GPU), Bridge or Ground Mounted self-contained Solid state units with In built Cable reel, and Stand alone vertical ground mounted Solid state Converters. Solid-state ground power units use power electronics to convert 50 or 60 Hz 230/400 V electric current into 400 Hz 115/200 V electric current with an output power between 45 and 180 kVA. The solid-state ground power units are available as floor-mounted, bridge-mounted or mobile electric versions and in combination with any connection system.


IT Systems are fabricated structures/enclosures most commonly used in combination with 400Hz, PCA, Potable water or and Blue water. These can contain 400Hz flexible cable(s), PCA Hose(s), Potable water/ Blue water hoses and electrical socket outlets. Such systems are Installed in concrete chambers, and are available in different options. De-Centralised Ground Mounted 400Hz or PCA systems designed using PITs are one of the best options compared to other popular options for reducing the Aircraft turn around time. Once installed, these systems are flush to the apron level and can be operated and maintained with ease. All these Pit systems are tested and comply with F900 load test.

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