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Energy Monitoring Reefer Communication System
Real-time monitoring and control system for reefer containers.
Adjust “Set-Points Temperature ” & “Defrost” remotely.
The system provides real-time status.
EM-RCS Main Functions
Monitors alarm and temperature condition, Plug -in & Plug out time, Sends commands such as change of set- point temperature, Online change of set-point temperature,Generates user friendly report


Harbor City’s cable trench protection system is an engineering solution to protect the power cables against the traffic through high graded steel frame channels with multi-layered rubber belt. The cable protection system also prevents the power cable from spillage, waste accumulation and trip hazards. Our expert engineering team could offer various designs specific to project requirements.


Cable reels are technologically advanced and sturdily designed – for both continuous operation in ports and container terminals and reliable power supply to construction cranes as well as overhead cranes, excavators, and hoisting devices. They are designed to meet requirements for high speeds, dynamic processes, large cable cross sections and high tractive forces. The configuration of cable reels and gears is tailored to the required travel speeds and distances. Cable reeling systems are used to lay down and retrieve cable in applications where a predetermined length of travel and a fixed amount of cable is connected to a fixed point while a moving point travels over a fixed line, rail, ground or height at a set speed.


We supply coatings to the protective, marine, decorative, industrial, container and yacht industries. Bridges and boats, oil rigs and iconic buildings, windmills and houses, maybe even whole villages, depend on our trusted solutions to stay functional and beautiful for many years and under extreme conditions.

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