Integrated Security Management System

Our Integrated Security Management System together with access control system manages the electronic as well as the physical security aspects of an organisation using a single Graphical User Interface.

The system takes care of the tasks like watching and reporting the traditional systems such as CCTV, PIDS, access control, ANPR, intercoms, Fire, visitor management etc. Apart from taking care of these traditional systems, it also monitors peripheral and IT equipment that include switches, servers.

The system consists of mapping screens that display all the alarms and devices as well as an audit log that records all the operator actions. The audit log records and transmits alarms, events and all the status reports also. This means companies that make use of the system can rest assured that they can get up-to-date information and notifications of security breaches, if any. They can even know trivial things like the failure of a UPS battery.

The main advantage of the new generation products like the ISMS is that they are all-encompassing which means they take care of all the aspects of security of an organisation and an additional advantage is cost reduction thanks to the elimination of expensive manual processes.

  • Security and observation – access control; surveillance and intrusion detection.
  • HVAC – maintain a specified air state with regard to temperature and humidity; control fans and dampers; control air handling units and fan coil units.
  • Fire alarm system – smoke control system; active alarm locations.
  • Lighting control – turn lights on/off according to a specified schedule.
  • Electric power control – control and monitor core electrical and mechanical equipment.
  • Elevators – elevator video display; status system.
  • Parking management system – monitor parking areas and maintain.

Harbor City’s team of qualified engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience required to deliver positive outcomes and solve even the most complex of system integration issues.

Whether it is part or full integration that you require our comprehensive range of access control, security, safety and surveillance products will meet your every need.

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